Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just created a new logo for the blog. Had to play around in Photoshop (it's been awhile since I've touched Photoshop!). What do you think? Tell me! I'm interested to know - good or bad!
It's just reaching 10pm and Jill is being put to sleep by my mum (She should be in bed by 7! Rises at 7am and sleeps at 10pm - that's just not right somehow!). Is she a robot?! Anyway, now that danger mouse is out of sight, I'm going to have a quick go at printing the cards I was suppose to print on Monday!


  1. I love the logo! Nice work, Kiran!
    Does Jill have a nap during the day?

  2. Glad you like it Som! :)
    Jill naps for an hour or so during the day. She gets really tired by about 3pm. We've got a wild routine or rather, no routine at all! :P

  3. I really like it (didn't see the old one) but thought the site looked very fresh and arty for my first visit.
    Catherine C

  4. Thanks Catherine! :) Oh and the old logo just said 'inkling' in a purple font.

  5. Kiran, I love the design and te site! Its coming together eh? Can't wait for other designs print on sale!!! So, how much are you selling the apron for? Any chance you could design an apron for a boy?

    I know what you mean about getting your own things done. I've got few things that I wanted to do but after putting the kids to bed, cooking, then cleaning, all I want to do is just put my feet up or even go to bed!!!

    Luke's in playgroup for 2 hours now! He seems to be enjoying it!!! Mas

  6. Hi Mas!!

    I will be coming up with a few designs for boys soon, so look out! :))

    Ya, there are times when I just want to go to bed and sleep! Glad Luke is enjoying playgroup. How time flies, soon he'll be starting primary school and Danica will be going to playgroup!