Sunday, September 20, 2009

Linen cushion covers with green and turqoise motif.

I spent yesterday carving out these two designs and today I printed them. I'm pleased with the way they look and now I'm wondering if I should carve out another design to go with these two, so they become a series. Should I? Or do these two look fine together and perhaps I should move on and carve out a different flower in a different style? Thoughts/suggestions anyone?


  1. I reckon you should make a series. In fact make a few! They are very pretty!

  2. they look really nice, and on the basis that everythin g should be in odd numbers, I think you should do another... when are you going to put things on sale?

  3. Thanks Khal! :)
    Ok... well,look out for some more covers sometime this week.

    I'm hoping to start selling soon, Mary. Just waiting for some new items I bought to arrive then I can start printing away and start selling. I get in touch with you once I've got a few more things to show and then we can talk about a party too! :))

  4. i love your prints. i have a cooking blog, but i also do handprinting. my next project is making a curtain like a yellow one i saw on the Antropologie web site.
    keep up with your beautifull designs.

  5. Thank you bojana! Your food looks really yummy. A handprinted curtain project sounds like good fun. Look forward to seeing photos of it. :))