Sunday, October 25, 2009

Here is us at the Leicester crafts fair. It was a longish day. It wasn't great sales wise, but I guess it was good practise and a learning experience. I didn't sell much. None of my cushions sold which was kinda disappointing. Perhaps calling it the Arts Booter didn't help. Many of the other sellers also felt that the event wasn't promoted properly. But never mind! Better fairs to go to in future I hope! Thanks to everyone (especially my friends) who came to support me! :))


  1. your stall looks nice :) hehehe im so proud of u K!

  2. I just saw your work on Inklore and was blown away!! Needed to let you know not to worry about one crappy fair. I did one NO ONE even looked at my things- walked right on by! Ones I had done before and since went very well, so I know. I can be very dissappointing, but your work is so lovely that soon you will need to hire help-- ore have a l-o-n-g waiting list... Good luck,

  3. Thank you Lawre! That's such a positive and encourgaging comment! :))

  4. Hello,
    i have done quite a few markets and fairs and not have sold a single cushion, perhaps your product is too good for this fair!! Don't give up you will find you niche market, well I am still trying to find mine, slowly getting mine.
    Regards from London