Monday, October 19, 2009

Wow, it's Monday again. I have 6 days before this arts and crafts fair in Leicester. Yesterday was spent printing on napkins and placemats. I have to say, I prefer coming up with designs rather than having to produce stock so I can sell. I like printing, but sketching a design, carving it up and then printing it for the very first time is just sooooooo much more fun and exciting. Thrilling almost! But, once all my prints have dried and I put everything together on the table, I do feel a sense of archievement. My hard work. I just hope people will like what they see. It's all a learning curve.

I had a great weekend. It was Diwali on Saturday (Hindus celebrate it - the festival of lights). There was a fireworks display and we went to watch it with our friends and went for a curry afterwards. Thanks guys! Happy times. Next time, I'll bring a camera.

Hope everyone has a good week.