Friday, January 1, 2010

What have you got planned for this year? My plans are.....

House: This year, we're moving house. Hopefully, everything will be signed, sealed and agreed in the next couple of weeks. If it does, then it's going to be busy busy busy. So much to do. I'm actually quite frightened of packing up all our stuff. But it's got to be done.

Driving test: I failed my first driving test. My next test is on the 2nd of Feb. So that's another scary thing!

Studio: There isn't really anywhere for me to set up a studio in the new house, so I'm thinking about finding a studio space somewhere.

Printing: Because of the house move, I'm going to be busy busy in Jan/Feb. But I'm looking forward to March! My husband is still working on my website. I really can't wait for him to sort it out. I've ideas coming out of my ears. There are a few new things I want to try and experiment with. New design ideas. I'm thinking about selling fabric by the meter/yard. All sorts of things. Most important thing of all though, is to promote myself.

So those are my plans for the new year.

Here are pin cushions I made recently. Hope the year is good to all. ~kiran


  1. A Very Happy New Year to you! All the best!

  2. Thanks Priya! Looking forward to a year of interesting and inspiring reads on your blog!

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