Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photo © neilalderney123

I've been pretty quiet and haven't been blogging at all - mainly due to being pregnant and being sick most of the time. I'm feeling much better these days and I'm hoping to get to work again. Probably not in full force and I probably won't be opening my Etsy shop anytime just yet, but I hope to be thinking of new designs and new ideas. Summer in England is so amazing. It inspires me so much. I love the blue sky and the trees with their fresh green leaves and dotted around on the ground, the beautiful array of flowers in all sorts of pretty colours. We have some orange poppies growing in our garden. Very pretty.

Jill and I were in Singapore the past 3 weeks and we had a great time. My mum and my brother made all the effort to make sure we weren't bored, so we went out almost every day. I was quite exhausted after the whole holiday! Also, everytime I think about what I want to really really really do with my life, I think about a shop. I love the picture above of a row of old shop houses in Singapore. How amazing it would be if I could have a little shop - selling not just my prints, but other people's works too. But, I don't think I live in the right city for such a shop to exist. There are lots of empty shops around, but I don't think Leicester is the right place for a creative shop at the moment. But we have hope!

The building on the left which once used to be THE place for independent shops is supposed to be undergoing a revamp! It's a grade II listed building and dates back to 1889! Now, that would be amazing!

For now though, for me, I'm going to try and do as much sketching and doodling and printing before my new baby arrives. And once she is here, she'll just have to sit in her bouncy chair or start printing too! Never too young to start! :)


  1. Great to hear that you are back and feeling much better - let's hope that continues. Love the photo of the shop in Singapore - I bet there is lots of inspiration over there. Having a shop would be wonderful and if this isn't the right time or place yet I am sure that it will come. Looking forward to seeing your new work.

  2. Thanks Jacqui! Lots of interesting things to look at in Singapore. The old buildings are the best, but they are quickly being demolished to make way for more modern (ie:boring) buildings.

  3. What a wonderful glimpse of singapore! I was so fortunate to win one of your lovely pillowcases a while back and I love it! Can't wait to see your new designs. Wishing you health and happiness at this exciting time in your life!

  4. Hi Holly! Amazing!! I'm so pleased YOU won it (as I love your work!)!!! And glad to know that you like it! :) Thank you so much and I have to say, I can't wait to get back to printing again! :)