Friday, February 18, 2011

Westbury Horse by Eric Ravilious

This painting is by Ben's grandfather, Eric Ravilious. It's a watercolour painting. This is one of a series of chalk figures he painted. I love the colours. Lovely greens contrasting with the grayish background. What do you think of it? Here is the link to Ben's Pinterest board of painting and prints by his grandfather. Most of which are available to buy as prints.


  1. I love the work of Eric Ravilious - it must be quite exciting to have him as part of the family.
    I like the subtle use of colour - it doesn't shout at you but draws you in - and yes the contrasting colours too. Also the shading of the pencil and colours :-)

  2. I adore this work, I absolutely love all of ER's landscapes but especially this one. We live in West Oxfordshire and there is a big hill nearby, where you can just make out the white squiggle of the Uffington White Horse on a clear day.

  3. I'm a great admirer Eric Ravilious's work - his paintings, woodcuts and beuatiful designs for ceramics (still unsuccessful at bidding for a piece at at auction though!)

    I love the little unexpected details like the train, and the textures.


  4. Beautiful, I love the subtle colouring and textures. I've never seen his work before.

  5. I am always reminded of ER's watercolours when I pass the southern edge of the low and treeless Marlborough Hills in the Vale of Pewsey.