Monday, March 14, 2011


Have you got anything planned for Easter? We don't normally do anything for Easter, except maybe eat lots of Easter eggs. This year however, I think it might be nice to do something fun for Jill. I was browsing the shops the other day when I came across this Easter tree in John Lewis. Decorating it with painted eggs could be fun!

Image from

Or how about getting some pussy willow and decorating them with eggs?


  1. I found you via My Painted Canvas - I'm so glad I did - I love your work and photos. Your newest fan :) XOL

  2. I was thinking about this the other day. We've never had an Easter tree before, but they always look so pretty. And, living in a house of boys, it will be a good excuse to exercise my girly side! This house needs a bit of pink and yellow!

  3. Happy Homemaker UK - Thanks YOU!!! :)))

  4. Kirsty - I wasn't too keen on the whole tree thing before, but I think it will be really fun for ny little one. Deinitely a good excuse to be girly! :P Knowing you, you'll probably make something amazing! :)