Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Sometimes, my family called me Imelda .... Imelda Marcos. I simply love footwear. I don't think I'm as bad as they think I am though. I think my husband is a lucky man. I don't buy THAT many shoes. To be fair, we have to have different shoes for the different seasons, right? I can't possibly wear flip flops in winter or boots in summer. Anyway, I have been searching everywhere for a nice pair of Mary Jane's....after my dog ate my favourite pair.... my favourite pair of shoes that I have ever owned, I found at a sale for only £5 and my dog had to eat it. She's past the shoe eating stage. Much to my relief. So today, just before I started my marathon scarf printing session, I decided to look for a pair of Mary Jane's online. I was really pleased when I stumbled upon Sinologie. It's a French shop, selling Chinese arts and crafts, and textiles. I bought these....

They remind me of what the old Chinese ladies in Singapore used to wear. Actually, they are almost identical. They were a steal, at only 8 Euros each! I am hoping they'll fit me. I have skinny feet. If they do, I might have to buy this one too....

Looking forward to receiving them! Hopefully, in time for my holiday! :)


  1. yup, loving the shoes! but which colour did you go for?!? snap! i have skinny feet too,i had to buy my birkinstocks from belgium cos of my long flippers! ooh i wonder if smartie would eat my shoes up so i can buy some new pretty summer ones...hehe! x

  2. I went for the black and the grey! Risky buying two, I know! :P Yes, I guess one good thing about Daisy eating my favourite pair is using it as an excuse to finding my next favourite pair! :P The yellow ones remind me of construction boots... !!

  3. I used to buy those to wear when I did tai chi (I've lapsed) maybe new shoes will inspire me...

    And I fancy the wooden soled flip-flops.


  4. Yes, they do look like Tai-chi shoes...

    The wooden flip flops look solid!

  5. Hi Kiran

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