Tuesday, June 21, 2011


                                                               Photo of a Block-Printed Cake! via ReadyMade

When I first thought about writing a blog post about yesterday, I thought about cake. I didn't want a fuss on my birthday, but my 3 year old definitely did! She kept asking why my birthday wasn't starting yet and she kept pestering her grandmother's to bake a cake (they bought me a small M&S one to keep her happy in the end!) So I think, we have a new tradition in our family - No birthday without cake! I turned 30! Yay! No more neither here nor there 29...I'm 30! A proper grown-up? Hmmm, maybe. What have I been doing for the past 29 years? I can't remember the first 5, and then the next 18 weren't exactly great times. I won't bore you with sad memories from my childhood or days I spent sulking my way to school or the times I spent at art college with the lecturer explaining the brief in Mandarin (I don't speak Mandarin, but after 3 years at art college, I definitely understood more than a few words of it). However, the last 7 years has definitely been....interesting! Meeting Ben, getting to know his family - his Mum, his sister, his auntie. Getting married. Having a healthy relationship with my mum. Buying a house. Renovating a house (never again!). Spending time with my brother. Having my two girls & getting my dog. Buying a book that inspired me to do something with my hands.

And the next year? I think the next year is going to be interesting. Whether or not I can manage my time well enough, is something that remains to be seen. Printing wise, I'm definitely hoping to have a broader product range. I'm hoping the new contact I've made will help me archive that. Personal life? Hmmm, another dog? haha 30! Finally!

*I didn't make this cake (http://www.readymade.com/projects/block_printed_cake)... I'd like to try making it someday though! Perhaps for someone else's birthday!*


  1. happy birthday! & wow what a cake! the big three-0 hey, i'm catching you up! hehe! sounds like you've achieved a lot & i wish you all the best for this coming year & onwards with your future goals & printing adventures x

  2. Happy birthday, and your block printed cake is WONDERFUL! Have a wonderful year - best wishes! Nic x

  3. Happy birthday! May you have a fabulous year!

  4. Hannah - thank you! Isn't it an amazing cake? Not my creation sadly! :P

    Nic - Thank You! :) Again, not my cake! hehe I found it and thought it looked WONDERFUL too! Maybe next time! ;)

    Jesse - Thank YOU! :))

  5. Happy Birthday Hunni!
    Your blog is beautiful as are your creations and especially your little girls!

  6. Thank you Eiglas for you lovely comment! :)))