Monday, August 1, 2011

Inspirational Pinterest

Where do you find inspiration? Sometimes I find it in the most obvious of things and sometimes I find myself having to look deep. I can very often feel uninspired for days...weeks....months even. A few months ago, I discovered Pinterest. I played around with it and then grew bored. Recently however, I have found that it's been an excellent source of inspiration for me, not just for printing but other things too. Like ideas for my house, fashion ideas, ideas for the kids, even recipes! I think it's great that I can click on the 'Pin It' button when I see something online that I like or feel inspired by. It means my desktop isn't full of icons and I have somewhere to go to to refresh my memory, to buy that dress I SO wanted 6 months ago that is now on sale! and also to feel inspired all over again. So all in all, I think it's brilliant . So brilliant that starting tomorrow, I've decided on 'A Pin A Day' where each day, I'll post my favourite pin here on my blog to share with everyone!

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