Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Something for Juju

I told my daughter Juju that I had something for her in my shed. "SHED?", she shrieked! Juju LOVES going in my shed. She normally comes out of it covered in ink...just like me. I'm looking forward to when she can start helping me! So, we walked to my shed....

 We stop and pose for a photo before heading to the shed....

 I show her what I've made for her.... It's a shoe bag with my strawberry print on it for her P.E shoes. She has her eyes on other things in my shed!

 I printed her name on it using these stamps that my sister-in-law gave me for my birthday! I love them!

 Jill really wanted to get some printing done too...


  1. Looks like you'll soon have an apprentice ;-)

    Love the bag!

    x I have a thing about letter stamps too!

  2. Yes, and she'll probably have better designs than me..then I don't know what will happen! :P