Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Wow! Thanks to everyone who gave their thoughts, comments and suggestions. So it looks like there is no clear preference. People seem to like both. The thing that has helped me the most are thoughts on photos with a white background. I too, like Jesse and Kerry have looked on Etsy to see what other people selling cushions and tote bags have come up with and it is usually the ones with the white backgrounds that stand out. I would love to give my shop a lifestyle feel but like many have said, I can have multiple images on my Etsy product page. Soooooo, I think I'm going to try and achieve a white or at least plain background for my products, WITH photos of them in situ too when you click though. So, thank you to all of you who left your comments. I now have to pick ONE person to win a bag. The decision was really tough, but, I've decided to pick Catherine Candlin! Thank you Catherine! Your suggestions and tips were really helpful and I tried photographing my white bags and cushions on a coloured background and they look much better than trying to photograph them on a white background and ending up with a washed-out look. So, thank you Catherine. Please drop me an email with which bag you'd like or if you' like a design but want it in a colour of your choice, I can do that too! AND, seeing that this blog post 102, I'd also like to pick Kerry, to win a drawstring bag! Kerry, thank you for your constructive comments. I'll be posting photos of my drawstring bags in the next couple of days for you to choose one! Please email me with your details, Kerry! To everyone else again, Thank You!!!

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