Monday, January 9, 2012

Promotional material for Top Drawer

My postcards and business cards for Top Drawer this weekend arrived today. I spent a couple of weeks designing them and I think I'm pretty happy with how they look!


  1. they look fantastic! good luck at top drawer! x

  2. they do look really lovely, i particularly like the orange flowers, good luck:)

  3. Dear Kiran,

    Greetings from Creative Gaga!

    Hope you are doing well. We are a design magazine. We have a section in our magazine called Spendthrift. In this section we highlight creative products. We want to feature your products for the next issue. Let us know if you would be interested.

    Best regards,

    1. Imadri,
      Thank you for the message. I think I'll say no for now. Thanks for contacting me anyway! :))

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  6. Gorgeous prints, i found your blog through someone else who was following you! Looking forward to having a pootle through your Etsy too :) Hope the fair went well!

  7. Thank you Claire! :)) The fair was exciting and very interesting! :))

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