Thursday, May 24, 2012

The lady who loves Indian mangoes

This is someone I've been meaning and meaning to write about. I think the time has come that I finally do. The lady the who loves mangoes, especially Indian ones, is my mother-in-law, Robin. A few years ago, whilst she was visiting us, I bought some mangoes from an Indian grocer. Mangoes from India. Up till then, Robin had only tried mangoes from the supermarket. The big hard green ones. She took one bite and started glowing, just like the bright yellow fruit itself! So we've started the tradition of mango posting! Each summer, I post a box of mangoes to her (she can't get any where she lives). The post office people usually give me strange looks when I have to tell them what's in it! A box should be arriving to her today. She says she'll be bathing in mangoes when they arrive! Apart from this mango story, my lovely mother-in-law is also a HUGE inspiration to my work. She is probably one of the most critical people I know. She isn't gushy and she doesn't compliment very easily. When I first started lino printing, I was intrigued to see what her reaction was going to be. She's an amazing artist herself, so in a way, I was quite nervous! Luckily, it's been positivity all the way! When I carve a new design, my first question to myself is normally "Will M like this?" followed by "What colour would she like?". Sometimes she doesn't like them but when she does, I know I've done well. I'm lucky to have a mother-in-law who inspires me....


  1. awww, what a lovely blog post. I too have a lovely mother-in-law. it's very important to have inspiring people in our lives.
    Nina (little blue elephant)

  2. I love Kesar mangoes (if those are the ones you are talking about). Yum. My mother in law is also lovely too, she is my best sales person for jewellery!