Friday, August 31, 2012

Who inspires me?

I've been lucky enough recently to be asked to do a couple of interviews. One was for a beautiful award winning magazine called The Foodie Bugle. I love food, I love vintage and I love good photography and this online magazine ticks all the boxes and I was thrilled to be asked by Silvana, the founder of the magazine. Click { Interview } if you'd like to read it.

Looking back and reading the interview, I realised that there seems to be so much emphasis on the 'now' and the recent people who have inspired me that a chunk of my life has been missed out. Ben and his family are amazing and Ben especially has filled this big gap in my life. However, as a child, it was my dad who used to sit and draw with me. We used to have to make these art folios when I was at primary school and I would wait for my dad to come home from work (he was an officer in the Singapore Navy) so he could draw Bugs Bunny on my folio. I would colour it in and no doubt was the proudest kid at school the next day. That continued all the way till I was at my second year of art collage. He bought me my first Apple Macintosh when I was in my second year, doing Graphic design. For some reason, I decided to buy a little couch for my room and would often find him sitting on it reading his book whilst I was working on the computer. I loved having him there, just for company! Half way through my second year, we found out that my dad had cancer. It was probably the worse ten months of his and our lives. He died six months before I graduated. Things have moved on since then. It's been eleven years. I've got my own family, I've got an amazing mum and a lovely brother who have helped me so much and given me more than I could ask for. When my mum visits, she often sits with me when I'm drawing or carving lino. She loves my work and has lots of my cushions all over her house. Ben is also amazing. He too sits with me when I'm working and recently helped stuff sachets with lavender though he did complain about smelling like a lady afterwards! I now have two mum's! Ben's mum is amazing and is always there to support me. Sadly, like anyone who has ever lost someone so precious, it's hard to forget. It's hard not to ask 'what if?'. 'What if my dad was here today?'. I think I know the answer to my own question....


  1. Such a lovely, lovely tribute to your Dad. I'm sure he's so proud of you!

  2. what a lovely and touching blog post. thank you for sharing.