Monday, November 26, 2012

A fantastic Saturday!

My studio sent went swimmingly well on Saturday. People turned up despite the rain and bought lots of cushions, tea towels, notebooks, cards and lavender bags. They ate my cheats mince pies (filo pastry and mince meat, so easy!) and drank tea and wine. There were lots of familiar faces and some unfamiliar faces. A lovely couple who live a couple of streets away from us (the man made stained glass as a hobby! I was so impressed!), another man who turned up was just starting his hand made wicker basket business, our neighbour who told us he used to be a screen printer (who knew! he's now an anesthetic nurse! seduced by epidural perhaps!) the very talented artist, Jane French and our lovely and very creative friend Georgia aka Cross Donkey who makes lovely hand made items with a vintage feel and lots of friends!! Thank you to everyone who came and made my first studio sale such a huge success!


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    1. Thanks Jesse! I've just been reading your blog and I can't believe how that 'designer'stole your designs. I don't understand how people can be/claim to be so ignorant sometimes.