Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birthday scarf

It's my mother-in-law's (Robin) birthday today. I've been so bad. I haven't sent her her present. I didn't get the girls to make a card for her.... well not yet anyway. But, and she wouldn't be too pleased with me for starting a sentence with but, BUT, Happy Birthday M! I do love you! 
I've been in a very strange place lately. A place between not knowing, waiting and...not knowing. I sent my designs off to be printed and it's been a month, almost. I should get them next week...I'm worried. It's a big difference from carving a design and being able to print it straightaway. This is a lot of waiting and not knowing. I have my fingers, toes and ears crossed that they'll look fine. I just spoke to Robin and she says I probably won't be 100% happy and she's so right! How does this lady know stuff like that? :P In honor of Robin, I present to you, the Robin Scarf in Whistler green (as she calls it).

I'm posting this scarf to her on Monday. It and a few others are available on my website.

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