Monday, July 8, 2013

Juju flower


Hello to everyone who reads my blog which has been severely neglected recently. I read somewhere recently that blogs might be dying out. I wonder if this is true. What with Facebook and being able to upload photos instantly and Twitter and their one liners, perhaps blogs are just too tiresome? Whatever it is, I shall try my best to keep blogging. It's sometimes good to read my old postings and to see how things have changed, better or worse!

The last couple of weeks have been tough weeks. Personally and creatively. I'm going through a phase at the moment. Things are hanging and I need everything to be just right. I can normally get on with things even if other things aren't 100%  perfect but it's when things are hanging or I'm having to wait to hear back from others that I find myself drifting and not really doing anything productive.

So who wants an update on my daughter Jill? Arghhh!! There! She's still a pain in the arse. She's still bossy. She's still naughty. She complained the other day that she was really upset because there is a flower named after her best friend but not a flower named Jill. I mean, to a thirty something year old like me, that's probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard but to her, tears streaming down her cheeks, it was actually a problem. So, we decided to invent a flower. I said to her, that I'll do a flower print, and call it the Juju flower. I love her but boy is she hard work. I don't know if I should be controlling her and disciplining her but do I love her feisty self. I love her determination. I don't like how rude she is but she's got something about her that makes me think she'll go far, if she wants to. Let's just say, she's the complete opposite of me!

So, till next time! I'm off to make up this Juju flower and also to carve some new leaves! New notebooks and cards will be available soon!

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  1. Hi Kiran - thats really nice of you to make a flower named after her - JuJu flower...sweet! And ur daughter looks really sweet - a naughty little sweet imp! Hope you are feeling better soon. I know what you mean and I have the same phases of hanging around. When I feel the "hang around" phase coming on I just go and do laundry - sometimes it works and I feel good afterwards that I have done something or finished something and then carry on to something else. :- ) Shyamala