Wednesday, September 14, 2011


When my mum was here visiting us, I took time for granted. I didn't seem to appreciate it as much as I should've. It's been three weeks since she went back home and I haven't had a chance to go into my shed as much as I should and would like to. I'm someone who, given time, just doesn't know what to do with and how to manage it and when I haven't got time, I find myself craving it. Ideas fill my head and I have this urge to create. Perhaps this is normal and many people feel the same? My problem now is, that I can't go to my shed during the day because I have two small kids to look after and when Ben comes home from work in the evening and we've had our supper, kids are in bed and the dog walked, I'm so knackered, I can't find the energy or the motivation to get any printing done. HOWEVER, yesterday, I SUDDENLY realised that this is no way to be. I CANNOT be lazy, I need to start getting my act together. Tired or not, at least one hour in the shed three or more times during the week if I plan on taking my work seriously. As I write this, I'm thinking about this evening and how it would be so totally nice to sit on the sofa and watch TV and to relax. But no, for one hour at least, this evening, I will be printing. Promise.


  1. Hi Kiran, all this sounds so familiar! I'm the worst person for managing my time. It so difficult to manage anything at all with two small children let alone managing to create pieces of work.
    Even though my three children are all at school now (7,13 and 15) i still find it difficult to juggle everything. Don't be too hard on yourself Kiran, your work is lovely and i'm sure you will find the right balance of time to make it work for you.
    Amanda x

  2. Thanks for your encourgement Amanda! I think it's never going to be easy finding a right balance, but, so worth it in the end when you have some nice work and nice children at the end of the day!