Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New work

Dear blog,

I'm very sorry I keep neglecting you. I do want you in my life, so I am going to work on this relationship I'd like to have with you. Instead of talking to my 'imaginary' friends in my head or 'talking' to people I see on the street, I have come to realise that it would be less strange if I simply 'talked' on here. So, here is to blogging and also to hoping that my followers will want to interact with me more...that is if I haven't frightened a bunch of them off with this post.

Some new work.... (some of you might have already seen these on my Facebook page). More to come!

Cushion covers 100% natural unbleached linen                                

                   Light, foldable tote bags in linen & cotton

I'm REALLY hoping to have everything photographed and ready for sale very soon!


  1. Pictures and new products look fab!
    I'll talk to you ;D
    Know it's hard work juggling everything when you have kids (3 boys myself) but blogging is good for the soul and stops you talking to strangers in the street ;D

  2. Thanks Jax!
    Glad you'll talk to me! :P
    Wow, 3 kids and you managed to squeeze in a degree! Excellent! You're living proof that it CAN be done! ;)

  3. Thank you Emma! btw, I LOVE your Honesty necklace! As beautiful as the real thing!

  4. such g-g-gorgeous bold prints & colours! great to see you 'ere in blogland too btw! ;D

  5. Aw, thanks Hannah! :)) I've been in blogland for quite awhile... I just haven't been updating regularly.. !:P