Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Website launch!

My website www.kiranravilious.com is now up and running!! My very own shiny new website. I'm so excited about it! I designed it and also took most of the photos on the homepage! It's a fully editable site so any time I want to change anything, I can! I've got more products to add in the next week or so. I just need to get them to Joanne at Nine Photos- the very clever lady who took photos of the cushions on white background for me! For now, I present to you, my website www.kiranravilious.com AND, a huge thank you to Ultimateweb who have done such a great job programming it for me!!


  1. That is a wonderful website, so clean and clear and great products, you will do well. I really congratulate you. Get those lampshades up please I want to see them!

    1. You need to add some care instructions can you wash those cushion covers?

    2. Thanks You!! :) I'm working on getting more products on it and yes, good idea, I'll add care instructions, you can wash the cushion covers.