Thursday, January 19, 2012


We spent last night uploading products to my website. I'm really pleased that it's almost ready and hope to have it up and running by Monday next week!


  1. Looks lovely, clean and freshx
    I've got my .com site which is up and running but I've also got a domain and thought I might use it just for wedding invites. too much stuff on my normal site ;)
    Have you use something like Mr. site?

    1. Your site is full of interesting things! I used my husband! :P His company kindly helped me with my site.

  2. Hi Kiran

    Just looked at your site which looks really great - very clean and well designed. There does not seem to be very much stock on there though - have you sold it al already?

    Best wishes from my studio on windy dartmoor!

  3. Hi Jo,

    Ha ha, No - I wish! :P I just haven't uploaded the products. It's been pretty hectic but I am hoping to get it sorted by the end of March. I just thought I should launch it so at least people can find me!

    Dartmoor! Ahh! Lucky you! :)